Emily Pierini, The American University of Rome

Emily Pierini is a social anthropologist with extensive ethnographic fieldwork experience in Brazil and Europe. She obtained her Ph.D in Social Anthropology from the University of Bristol with a thesis on mediumistic experience in the Brazilian Spiritualist Christian Order Vale do Amanhecer (Valley of the Dawn), where she conducted extensive ethnographic research investigating the process of learning mediumship, embodiment, personhood, emotion and senses, spirituality and health. This research was awarded the Royal Anthropological Institute Sutasoma Award. In Brazil she also worked as fieldwork supervisor for the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN, Ministry of Culture), researching the variety of Afro-Brazilian religions in the Federal District. In Europe she has researched Goddess Spirituality in the UK, and the expansion of the temples of the Brazilian Vale do Amanhecer in the UK, Portugal and Italy. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Religious Experience Research Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and she is currently working on a project of an international research network in partnership with Brazilian and European Universities, developing ethnographic methodologies in the field of spirituality and biomedicine.


Redes e Projetos de Pesquisa__________________________________


  • Projeto: Espiritualidade, Saúde, Incorporação, Etnografia



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